Nguyen Thai Ngoc Duy <> writes:

> And this is a for-fun patch that adds %| to right align everything
> after that. I'm ignoring problems with line wrapping, i18n and so
> on. "%C+%h %s%|%d" looks quite nice. I'm not sure how much useful it
> is beyond --oneline though. It looks something like this
> ...
> [oneline output ellided]
> ...

I think this is a great feature at the conceptual level, and you
know "but" is coming ;-).

 - Shouldn't it be "everything from there until the end of the
   current line" than "everything after that"?

 - How is the display width determined and is it fixed once it gets

 - How does this interact with the wrapped output?  Should it?

 - I am wondering if somebody ever want to do this with a follow-up

        Left %h%|Center %cd%|Right %ad

   Is %| a sensible choice for "flush right"?  I am wondering if it
   makes more sense to make %|, %< and %> as "multi-column
   introducer" (the example defines output with three columns) that
   also tells how text inside each column is flushed inside the
   column, e.g.

        %>col 1 right flushed%|col 2 centered%< col 3 left flushed

   or something like that (we may want explicit "column width"
   specifiers if we were to do this kind of thing).
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