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From: Andreas Schwab
Date: 9/21/2012 9:10 AM
Joshua Jensen <jjen...@workspacewhiz.com> writes:

Background: To tie Perforce changelists to Git commits, I add a note to a
commit with the form "P4@123456".  Later, I use the note to sync down the
closest Perforce changelist matching the Git commit.

I search for these notes by getting a list of revisions:

         git rev-list --max-count=1000

I iterate those revisions and run git show and grep on each:

         git show -s --format=%N%n%s --show-notes=p4notes COMMIT
How about "git grep P4@123456 notes/p4notes"?


Thanks for the reply.

I should have labeled the format above as "P4@#######". The numeric part will change. The "P4@" will not.

So, I run "git grep P4@ notes/p4notes". I get a bunch of responses. I need the closest commit to HEAD that contains the P4@ text.

Any ideas?

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