Sebastian Schuberth venit, vidit, dixit 21.09.2012 16:33:
> On Fri, Sep 21, 2012 at 4:19 PM, Scott Chacon <>
> wrote:
>>>> I'm also very much interested in attending a gathering Berlin,
>>>> though preferably not in the first week of October. As I'm a
>>>> local, I could probably also help with finding a location if
>>>> necessary.
>> If you would like, I would love to get you in contact with the 
>> GitHubber in Berlin who is helping to secure a venue there so you
>> can help.
> Sure, feel free to forward him / her my email address. I'm surprised 
> to hear that you had so much trouble finding / booking a location.
> For example, I would have expected one of the many co-working
> locations in Berlin [1] to be a good fit.
> [1]

Also, there are many academic institutions, and at least some might be
happy to host an event like this (I'm thinking especially of the Zuse
institute). I had offered to help with hooking up with them  several
weeks ago already. So, it's really just a matter of communication.

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