On Sat, Sep 22, 2012 at 1:43 PM, Paul J R <m...@pjr.cc> wrote:
> It hadnt occured to me that git-http-backend behaves differently to the
> "dumb" http protocol on read (though that was from reading the git source so
> i obviously missed what was going on there). Ultimately im writing a little
> webapp that wraps around git-http-backend for some git repository management
> and on reads i've been just "acting like webserver" but on writes i throw
> off to git-http-backend. But seeing it do authenticated reads properly via
> git-http-backend im going to change how it functions, cause that does work
> with older clients.

It works back as far as 1.6.6 as a client. Clients before 1.6.6 can't
use git-http-backend. Fortunately 1.6.6 is pretty old, its nearly 3
years ago (Dec 23, 2009).
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