On Mon, Sep 24, 2012 at 02:57:20PM +0200, Michael J Gruber wrote:

> Currently, all paths in the config file are subject to tilde expansion
> for user paths while the argument to --git-dir is not expanded, and
> neither are paths in the environment such as GIT_DIR. From the user
> perspective, though, the two commands
> GIT_DIR=~user/foo git command
> git --git-dir=~user/foo command
> currently behave differently because in the first case the shell would
> perform tilde expansion, but not in the second. Also, one may argue that
> specifying '--git-dir=' is like specifying a config variable (which
> cannot exist for this purpose).
> Thus, make arguments to '--git-dir' undergo tilde expansion.
> ---
> So, here's a simple patch implementing tilde expansion for --git-dir. It 
> passes
> all tests. It's done doing the expansion on the setting side.
> Alternatively, one might do it on the getting side, i.e. when reading GIT_DIR,
> so that paths passed directly through the environment undergo tilde expansion
> as well. We don't do this for any environment variable yet, so I didn't go
> that far.

Keep in mind that every layer of expansion you add is a layer of quoting
somebody else must do in order to pass through certain paths.  I will
admit that putting a "~" into a path is relatively uncommon, but this
patch is a regression for anybody who does so with --git-dir (they will
now need to quote the "~" against not just their shell, but against
git). Expanding environment variables like GIT_DIR means that we would
also need to quote things we put into GIT_DIR.

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