Hello All,

Our team is proud and delighted to announce SubGit 1.0 release!
New version is available for download at SubGit web site at

SubGit is a server-side tool for a smooth, stress-free SVN to Git
migration. SubGit lets one to set up a bidirectional Subversion to Git
replication (writable mirror) and thus it allows users to choose
freely between Subversion and Git version control systems.

SubGit is a closed source Java application, which is free for use in
Open Source and Academic projects, as well as in any repository with
up to 10 committers. Besides, there are no limitations on the time you
may evaluate SubGit in commercial or closed source projects.

A few useful links:

SubGit Web Site: http://subgit.com/
SubGit Book: http://subgit.com/book/ - nice illustrated guide that
would help you to install, configure and use SubGit
SubGit Issues Tracker: http://issues.tmatesoft.com/issues/SGT

We tweet at @subgit and blog at http://blog.subgit.com/

With best regards,
Semyon Vadishev,
TMate Software,
http://subgit.com/ - git-svn bridge!
http://svnkit.com/ - Java [Sub]Versioning Library!
http://hg4j.com/ - Java Mercurial Library!
http://sqljet.com/ - Java SQLite Library!
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