Am 24.09.2012 18:27, schrieb Junio C Hamano:
> Junio C Hamano <> writes:
>> In any case, the log message I suggested in the review needs to be
>> updated in the reroll to make it clear that this is about reading
>> from .gitmodules, not "configuration".  AFAICS, gitmodule_config()
>> does not even read from $GIT_DIR/config, right?
> OK.  gitmodule_config() does not read $GIT_DIR/config, but
> cmd_status() and cmd_commit() call git_diff_basic_config() that is
> called from git_diff_ui_config() to read submodule.$name.ignore from
> it.  So Orgad's patch is _only_ about submodule.$name.ignore that is
> in in-tree .gitmodule; the log message shouldn't mention "config",
> as setting configuration variables work for both status and commit
> just fine.

Yes, I was just checking that call path too to make sure the user
settings from $GIT_DIR/config really override those found in
.gitmodules. And of course you are right, while the change to the
code is sane the commit message still needs some work.
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