Anurag Priyam <> writes:

>> Not me. For that particular use case, my approach (long before I
>> switched the vcs that controls my dotfiles to git) have always been
>> to have ~/src that is version controlled, with a Makefile that
>> builds/adjusts dotfiles appropriately for each box and installs them
>> in the proper place.
> Makefile is what I wanted to avoid when I suggested Ram that maybe Git
> could _optionally_ read the location of global gitconfig from an
> environment variable that can be exported in zshenv or bash_profile.

Where exactly do the "zshenv" and "bash_profile" you mention reside,
and how are their contents kept up to date?  I am guessing it is
/net/srv1/home/ram/.bash_profile on machines that mount user home
directories from srv1 NFS server and it is to have a string like
"export GITCONFIG_FILE=/net/srv1/home/ram/dot/gitconfig" or on those
machines.  The contents of ~ram/dot/gitconfig may be able to stay
the same across boxes, but how is ~ram/.bash_profile is set up?

Again, I am not personally interested; I think aversion of Make is
the root cause of the disease.

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