Jeff King <> writes:

> Also, have you considered using a config include? Like:
>   $ echo '[include]path = ~/my-dotfiles/gitconfig' >~/.gitconfig
> It's a one-time setup, and then you get updates inside my-dotfiles
> forever. The one-time setup is annoying, but you have to bootstrap
> somehow (e.g., you're going to have to copy a .profile or similar to get
> the GIT_GLOBAL_CONFIG variable set).

I also strongly prefer symlinks or include over environment variables.
Relying on environment variables makes the setup a bit fragile, partly
because I often mess things up with my shell (e.g. I once had different
shell and environment variables in ~/.xsession and in actual shells,
hence different configuration depending on whether I launch stuff from
my window-manager or from a shell).

I could understand using environment variables for one-shot
configuration change (e.g. HOME=/tmp/ git whatever), but then $HOME is
sufficient in general.

Matthieu Moy
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