On 12-09-27 11:38 PM, Junio C Hamano wrote:

* mb/remote-default-nn-origin (2012-07-11) 6 commits
  - Teach get_default_remote to respect remote.default.
  - Test that plain "git fetch" uses remote.default when on a detached HEAD.
  - Teach clone to set remote.default.
  - Teach "git remote" about remote.default.
  - Teach remote.c about the remote.default configuration setting.
  - Rename remote.c's default_remote_name static variables.

  When the user does not specify what remote to interact with, we
  often attempt to use 'origin'.  This can now be customized via a
  configuration variable.

  Expecting a reroll.

  "The first remote becomes the default" bit is better done as a
  separate step.

Unfortunately my days have been too full to progress this. I'm still planning to get to it when there's an opportunity. The next iteration would add the settings required to enable the migration plan that Junio outlined here:

In the meantime, anyone else who feels like taking this up is more than welcome. The relevant threads are:


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