Christian Couder <> writes:

> I understand that, but I wonder what we should do if some people
> need a "git reset --hard" and if some other people need other
> options than -dfx.
> We would need both a --reset and a --clean, or perhaps even a
> --reset[=(hard|mixed|soft|merge|keep) and a --clean[=<clean-opts>].

> And then what if people want to clean only a subdirectory and not
> everything?  And this does not take into account the fact that
> many people will/should clean using "make clean" or "make
> distclean" or "rake clean" or something like that, so that a
> --clean option will not help them.

In short, the users can do that easily in their "run" script, and
the definition of "clean-up" will be different depending on what the
"run" script does (it may do "make" in which case "make clean" may
be a way, it may do "git apply fixup.patch" in which case "git apply
-R fixup.patch" may be the way, etc.), so adding "--clean" does not
help the users.  Just make the "run" script clean after itself.

If that is the argument, I'd buy that.
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