doing a source install of git v1.7.12.1, 
on the `make all doc` step, I get:

    XMLTO git-fast-import.1
xmlto: input does not validate (status 1)
/usr/local/git-git-51993a4/Documentation/git-fast-import.xml:732: parser error 
: Opening and ending tag mismatch: superscript line 732 and literal
<simpara>The <literal><superscript>0</literal> suffix is necessary as fast-impor
/usr/local/git-git-51993a4/Documentation/git-fast-import.xml:734: parser error 
: Opening and ending tag mismatch: literal line 734 and superscript
m</literal> command is even read from the input.  Adding <literal></superscript>
make[1]: *** [git-fast-import.1] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/git-git-51993a4/Documentation'
make: *** [doc] Error 2

and the patch which permitted me to proceed

Sorry, got a bit ahead of myself and forgot to grab 
a copy I could diff against.  But in short I simply 
removed the superscript tags and that was sufficient 
to making this work.  

Hugh Esco 
skype: hresco3_ ; 678-921-8186 x21
Providing Application Hosting, Telephony, 
Custom Development and Consulting Services 
to Green Candidates, Green Parties and
the non profits working for a just and sustainable future.

if( $insurance->rationing() ) { $people->die(); }
if( isa_ok($self,'Troy::Davis') =~ m/^ok/) { $people->are_whole(); }

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