On 09/30/2012 08:20 PM, Ben Walton wrote:
>> The patch doesn't apply to the current master; it appears to have been
>> built against master 883a2a3504 (2012-02-23) or older.  It will have to
>> be rebased to the current master.
> Junio had asked that it be based on maint so that's what I (thought
> I?) did.  I'm happy to redo it against master if that's better though.

That explains it.  Sorry, I hadn't seen that conversation.  (In the
future, if a patch applies against something other than master, please
add a note in the cover letter or in the patch comment after the "--".)

It is OK with me to leave the patch against maint, if that is what Junio
wanted.  It would help, though, if you rebase it to the latest maint
(the conflict seems easy to fix).


Michael Haggerty
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