Am 01.10.2012 08:45, schrieb Ramkumar Ramachandra:
> Jens Lehmann wrote:
>> I'm very interested in your feedback as a first time submodule user,
>> what you wrote above makes sense and explains why you did that patch
>> (and it would have been nice to read some of it in the commit message
>> ;-). What information did you expect to get from a "git submodule
>> show" which isn't already provided by "git status" and "git diff"
>> (especially as they give you some information the "git submodule"
>> commands don't)?
> I expected 'git submodule show' to list all the submodules, and show
> changes to specific submodules like the 'git submodule summary'
> output.

Ok, but "git submodule summary" doesn't list all the submodules,
only those with changes. Maybe "git submodule status" is closer
to what you expect (except for the missing changes)?

And - apart from the list of all submodules - the changes to them
are given by "git status" and "git diff --submodule" too, right?
(sometimes I forget that "--submodule" is not enabled by default,
as I'm a heavy "git gui" user, and that option is used there. We
might need a config option to turn that on) Or is there something
you are missing from their output?

Me too would expect a show command to show me a list of all the
submodules and maybe some extra information (is it populated or
not, does it have its .git directory embedded, does it contain
changes). So maybe "show" should be a slightly pimped "status"?
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