Olaf Klischat <olaf.klisc...@gmail.com> writes:

> ... scenarios where you want to feed the file list into git add
> via find or other external commands (`find .... | xargs git add'),
> which you wouldn't want to carefully tune...

Can you explain this kind of thing in the actual commit log message
when you reroll (if you will do so)?

I also cannot help but find that `scenario` an artificially made-up
one.  The description did not feel convincing enough, even if it
were in the proposed commit log message, to justify such an option.

A few questions.

 - What were the kind of patterns useful in the above `find` in your
   real life example?

 - The use of `find` means giving pathspecs from the command line,
   e.g. "git add foo/ \*.rb", wouldn't have been sufficient. Are
   there something we could improve this in more direct way?

 - Why was it too cumbersome to add the idiomatic

        \( -name '*.o' -o -name '*~' \) -prune -o

   or something like that in front of whatever patterns were used?

 - Perhaps a filter that takes a list of paths and emits only the
   ignored paths (or only the unignored paths) would be a more
   generic approach?  You could feed the output from `find` to such
   a filter, and then drive not just "git add" but other commands
   that take paths if you solved it that way.

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