Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com>:
> Seeing the above without a signed-off patch and then this on cia.vc
>     We intend to have the CIA.VC Site running soon then bring the
>     service back at a later date!  We currently do not have an ETA for
>     the Service but hope to have it functioning soon!
> I am not sure what the right course of action at this moment.

Then leave things as they are and we'll await developments.

Yes, Ilkotech is expressing a hope to revive CIA.  For various reasons
both technical and political I am near certain the effort will go
nowhere.  From #cia:

[17:19] Talad   Hi
[17:19] Talad   the CIA bot in our channel is gone
[17:20] Talad   how to restore it ?
[17:20] shadowm /topic
[17:20] shadowm (Old news at this point, really.)
[17:21] Talad   what is the problem?
[17:21] AI0867  the server was deleted
[17:21] AI0867  the version running on it was never checked into version 
control, nor was it backed up
[17:22] AI0867  in short, CIA is *gone*
[17:22] AI0867  for a replacement, see #irker or http://www.catb.org/~esr/irker/
[17:25] The_Tick        BearPerson: do we know if there was a backup of the 
database holding all the configs?
[17:26] BearPerson      There might be one on a hard drive somewhere in my 
apartment, but it'd be at least 2 years old at this point
[17:26] BearPerson      haven't gotten around to digging up that box yet
[17:26] The_Tick        might be worth pulling the emails out and shooting 
everyone an email explaining the situation
[17:27] The_Tick        so they stop coming in here asking about it
[17:30] Talad   "the server was deleted" <- by the owner?
[17:32] Talad   maybe CIA was discussed/agreed with freenode staff
[17:32] Talad   and they have a copy of it?
[17:32] The_Tick        doubt it
[17:33] Talad   I guess they are careful about widespread bots like CIA
[17:33] shadowm No, freenode had nothing to do with running CIA.vc.
[17:34] shadowm And the server was deleted by the hosting company, while the 
current owners did not have a backup plan at all.
[17:36] Talad   I see
[17:36] Talad   ok, thanks

On the other hand contrib/ciabot isn't taking up a lot of space in
your tree, either, so there's little harm in leaving it in place.
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