Hi Geoffrey,

Geoffrey De Smet wrote:
> [...]
> The following commands are ok to do (because I have 2 unpushed commits):
>  git reset --hard^1
>  git reset --hard^2
> but these are not and should be prevented (unless forced):
>  git reset --hard^3
>  git reset --hard^4
> Is there any way to make git idiot proof by enabling that the local repo
> should always respect the history of the remote repo (unless forced)?
> Is there any way to make this a default for anyone who clones our blessed
> repo?
> No one that clones our blessed repo wants to come into the situation above.
> And if they do, they can always force it.

This makes little sense.
Which remote?  What if I have multiple remotes?  Which branch? (Many
of my branches are behind `master`).  What if I want different
histories on different remotes?  What about more advanced operations
which implicitly 'reset' like rebase?  What if I want to rewrite

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