Phil Hord <> writes:

>> Is it normal that "git commit --amen" actually works ?
>> (it does like --amend)
>> version
> Yes.  From Documentation/technical/api-parse-options.txt:
>     * Long options may be 'abbreviated', as long as the abbreviation
>       is unambiguous.
> Apparently since 2008-06-22.

Notice "technical/api-" part; that is a _wrong_ documentation page
to quote to end users.

Instead quote from "git help cli".

       From the git 1.5.4 series and further, many git commands (not
       all of them at the time of the writing though) come with an
       enhanced option parser.

> So 'git commit --am' also works.  But it should probably be avoided
> because of its similarity to 'git commit -am'.

Yes, in general, you should avoid relying on shortened form
working.  Git 2.4 may add an option "--amen" that has totally
different meaning.
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