Andreas Ericsson <> writes:

> You'll want that to be a single "wants" message to avoid incurring
> insane amounts of roundtrip latency with lots of refs. github and
> other hosted services are quite popular, but with my 120ms ping
> rtt I'd be spending half a minute just telling the other side what
> I want when I fetch from a repo with 250 refs.

Peff's recent patch when applied on the server side would help
alleviate the load to produce these refs, but it obviously would not
cut the network cost.  In order to change this, we need to swap "who
speaks first".

Once we go into "want/have" phase, I do not think there is a need
for fundamental change in the protocol (by this, I am not counting a
change to send "have"s sparsely and possibly backtracking to bisect
history, etc. as "fundamental").
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