is there a way to tell git diff about lines that are uninteresting?
I mean lines which do not contain a lot of information and
appear several times in pre and post image.

For example whitespace or language dependent stuff like.
end sub

I have seen diffs that containing 2 interesting hunks splitted by such boring lines. (I have attached a anonymized version of a real world example where this happens)

I think the diff would be clearer when this boring line was added to the surrounding hunks.
I already tried patience diff but in my test case it changed nothing.
I am using git 1.7.10.

Greetings Peter

diff --git a/Source/Frobble/Blabber.txt b/Source/Frobble/Blabber.txt
index 87ccddb..627bc3e 100644
--- a/Source/Frobble/Blabber.txt
+++ b/Source/Frobble/Blabber.txt
@@ -138,73 +138,74 @@ END_VAR
-         //frobble immediately if immediately flag is set
-         IF bImmediately AND NOT Array[i].bDisabled THEN
-            aFrobble(i, Entry);
+         IF Entry.bBlah THEN
+               Alarm.Alarm  := SomeAlarm;
+         ELSE
+               Alarm := Entry;
-         // signal if frobble count has changed
-         iChanged := iChanged + 1;
-         EXIT;
+         IF Array[i].Alarm = Alarm THEN
+            //do not brabble if alarm is gobbled
+               EXIT;
+         END_IF;
-   END_FOR;
-   aExample(Name := 'aaa',
-            ID1 := 1);
+   ELSE
+      //entry not found, adding

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