Am 08.10.2012 18:13, schrieb Junio C Hamano:
> Michael Haggerty <> writes:
>> 2. Does there need to be any special related to DOS paths?
> The ceiling computation may need special case for dos.  What does
> the getcwd() give us?  Do we learn only the path within the "current
> drive" and need to prefix C: (or D: or X:) ourselves if we really
> want to tell C:\bin and D:\bin apart?

We don't have to do that. getcwd() returns the drive letter.

> Assuming that is the case, the ceiling computation would need a
> helper function that hides the gory details of prefixing getcwd()
> result with drive letter or whatever needed, and another that
> normalizes the elements of the environment variables (I presume that
> if an element in it without the drive prefix should be normalized to
> add the current drive letter to it so that the normalized getcwd()
> result can be compared with it).  E.g. if the ceiling list is
> "D:/a/b;/trash/" then getcwd() returning "/a" alone does not make it
> outside the ceiling due to "D:/a/b"---our current drive must be "D"
> for that pattern to kick in.  The unqualified /trash would apply to
> any drive.

A component in an path list like GIT_CEILING_DIRECTORIES or PATH that
does not contain the drive letter is a user error. Do not cater for it.

It is more important to take into account that those components can
contain backslash as directory separators, while our mingw_getcwd()
returns forward slashes.

-- Hannes

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