On Tue, Oct 9, 2012 at 4:03 PM, Johannes Sixt <j.s...@viscovery.net> wrote:
> Running 'git grep needle origin/master' on Windows gives numerous warnings
> of the kind
> warning: unable to access 'origin/master:Documentation/.gitattributes':
> Invalid argument

strace confirms it. Stack trace

#0  read_attr_from_file (path=0x820e818
"HEAD:Documentation/.gitattributes", macro_ok=0) at attr.c:351
#1  0x080d378d in read_attr (path=0x820e818
"HEAD:Documentation/.gitattributes", macro_ok=0) at attr.c:436
#2  0x080d3bf1 in prepare_attr_stack (path=0x820e7f0
"HEAD:Documentation/.gitattributes") at attr.c:630
#3  0x080d3f68 in collect_all_attrs (path=0x820e7f0
"HEAD:Documentation/.gitattributes") at attr.c:747
#4  0x080d3ffd in git_check_attr (path=0x820e7f0
"HEAD:Documentation/.gitattributes", num=1, check=0xbfffd848) at
#5  0x0815e736 in userdiff_find_by_path (path=0x820e7f0
"HEAD:Documentation/.gitattributes") at userdiff.c:278
#6  0x081058ca in grep_source_load_driver (gs=0xbfffd978) at grep.c:1504
#7  0x08105907 in grep_source_is_binary (gs=0xbfffd978) at grep.c:1512
#8  0x08104eaa in grep_source_1 (opt=0xbfffe304, gs=0xbfffd978,
collect_hits=0) at grep.c:1180

Never touched userdiff.c before. Anybody?
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