"Jan H. Schönherr" <schn...@cs.tu-berlin.de> writes:

> Am 09.10.2012 21:45, schrieb Junio C Hamano:
>> Jan H. Schönherr <schn...@cs.tu-berlin.de> writes:
>>> +test_expect_failure 'additional command line cc (rfc822)' '
>>> +
>>> +   git config --replace-all format.headers "Cc: R E Cipient 
>>> <rcipi...@example.com>" &&
>>>     git format-patch --cc="S. E. Cipient <scipi...@example.com>" --stdout 
>>> master..side | sed -e "/^\$/q" >patch5 &&
>>> -   grep "^Cc: R. E. Cipient <rcipi...@example.com>,\$" patch5 &&
>>> -   grep "^ *S. E. Cipient <scipi...@example.com>\$" patch5
>>> +   grep "^Cc: R E Cipient <rcipi...@example.com>,\$" patch5 &&
>>> +   grep "^ *"S. E. Cipient" <scipi...@example.com>\$" patch5
>> Hrm.
>> As we are not in the business of parsing out whatever junk given
>> with --cc or --recipient from the command line or configuration, but
>> are merely parroting them to the output stream, isn't this a
>> user-error in the test that gives --cc='S. E. Cipient <a...@ddre.ss>'
>> instead of giving --cc='"S. E. Cipient" <a...@ddre.ss>'?  Same comment
>> on the new 'expect-failure' tests.
> Originally, I just wanted to emphasize, that --to and --cc are
> currently handled differently than in git-send-email, where
> all this quoting/encoding is done.
> And it is much more convenient to add
>       --cc 'Jan H. Schönherr <...>'
> than
>       --cc '=?UTF-8?q?Jan=20H=2E=20Sch=C3=B6nherr?= <...>'
> Even more, since I would expect git to correctly handle
> addresses given in a format that is also used elsewhere
> within git.
> However, I agree that we are not responsible to check/quote/encode
> anything when the user supplies whole headers (though we probably
> could).
> But if I cannot convince you, I'll just drop this patch. :)

It wasn't about convincing or not convincing me.

I couldn't read, just from "expect_failure" and "Do some checks
for...", what the intention of the tests and the proposed future
plans were.

If the proposed commit log message (or comments before these
"expect_failure" tests) said something like this:

    "git send-email" historically did not parse the user supplied
    extra header values (e.g. --cc, --recipient) and just replayed
    them, but that forces users to add them in encoded form, e.g.

        --cc '=?UTF-8?q?Jan=20H=2E=20Sch=C3=B6nherr?= <...>'

    which is inconvenient. We would want to update send-email to
    accept human-readable

        --cc 'Jan H. Schönherr <...>'

    and encode in the future.  Add test_expect_failure tests as a

that would have avoided such confusion, and even more importantly,
made it easier for us to start discussion on the proposed future
direction.  I am personally on the fence.
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