Johannes Sixt <> writes:

> I saw EINVAL errors when 'git grep pattern rev' was run on Windows. The
> reason is that the code attempted to access "rev:dir/.gitattributes" in
> the worktree, which is an invalid path on Windows due to the colon. The
> lack of this warning indicates that the attempts to access these files are
> eliminated.

It means that whenever we ask for attributes for a tracked file that
is inside a directory whose name contains a colon, we would get the
same error on Windows, no?  Perhaps Windows may not let you create
such a directory in the first place, but you may still get a
repository of a cross platform project that contains such a path.

What I am wondering is if we should do something similar to 8e950da
(attr: failure to open a .gitattributes file is OK with ENOTDIR,
2012-09-13), at least on Windows, for EINVAL.

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