here is my reworked patch series for creating a single PDF for all
git documentation files.

Thanks to Junio Hamano, Philip Oakley and Jeff King for your comments!

In general, the following problems had to be fixed in doc files in order to 
HTML by using asciidoc and afterwards create a nice looking PDF using 

- Wrong sectioning syntax (e.g. "===" instead of "---")
- Left-over shell scripting commands (in some release notes files)
- Over-long lines which caused very wide right margins in the resulting PDF
- Wrong formatting for email quotes, quoted script code, tables

Also some of the headlines in the documents where changed or even created
initially in order to give a more consistent structure in the resulting PDF.

If you want to have a quick look on the resulting PDF just clone
https://github.com/tacker66/git-docpdf.git. This repo contains
a current version of user.manual.pdf and git-doc.pdf

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