> 1) Does git have a built-in way to get a list of all of the "most
> recently
> committed" files only at a given point in time, thus automatically
> recording
> the revisions of all of the component files of a release?  

There is no concept of per-file revisions in git.
But you can check which ones are changed in multiple ways, eg:

* per commit, commit-range or per-branch level -> see git-log manpage
* between arbitratry commints -> see git-diff manpage

> This implies that for files which are being modified or which have
> been staged but not committed, that git would go back to find the
> "predecessor" file which had been committed.

Forget about the staging issue (index) at this point - it's just
existing in the _local_ clone (eg of some individual developer),
for your usecase you're only interested in what's actually committed
to certain branch(es).

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