On Thu, Oct 11, 2012 at 10:06 PM, Andrew Wong
<andrew.kw.w.li...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 10/11/12 16:54, Thiago Farina wrote:
>> Just setting CC to gcc works for me. But still, I'd like to be able to
>> build with clang (may be as you noted is just something with the + in
>> my PATH).
> Oh, I just realized you were using "sudo". The PATH environment was
> probably not inherited when you use sudo to run "make". So the
> subsequent shells statred by "make' were not able to find "clang".

Interesting, thank you for your observation.

This worked for me now:

$ git clone  https://github.com/gitster/git
$ cd git
$ make configure
$ ./configure
$ make
$ ./git version
git version 1.8.0.rc2

clang reported this:
combine-diff.c:1006:19: warning: adding 'int' to a string does not
append to the string [-Wstring-plus-int]
                prefix = COLONS + offset;
combine-diff.c:1006:19: note: use array indexing to silence this
                prefix = COLONS + offset;
                         &      [       ]
1 warning generated.

grep.c:451:16: warning: comparison of unsigned enum expression < 0 is
always false [-Wtautological-compare]
                if (p->field < 0 || GREP_HEADER_FIELD_MAX <= p->field)
                    ~~~~~~~~ ^ ~
1 warning generated.
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