================= SUMMARY ===================
My public git.git is available here[1]. I regularly keep pushing my work so
anyone interested can track me there. Feel free to participate in the
discussions going on PRs with my mentors. Your comments are valuable.

================ INTRODUCTION  ===================
The purpose of this project is to convert the git-bisect utility which partly
exists in the form of shell scripts to C code so as to make it more portable.
I plan to do this by converting each function to C and then calling it from
git-bisect.sh so as to use the existing test suite to test the function which
is converted.

Christian Couder <chrisc...@tuxfamily.org>
Lars Schneider <larsxschnei...@gmail.com>

=================== Updates ======================
Things which were done in this week:

 * I have converted bisect_start() but there is a bug which I am still working
   on which conflicts with the `--term-bad` and `--term-good` of
   `--bisect-terms` subcommand. A RFC has been sent to the list[2]. Junio
   provided some reviews on it. A resend can be expected soonish.

================== NEXT STEPS ====================
Things which would be done in the coming week:

 * Resend all patches according to Junio's review.

 * bisect_next() has become a top priority because it would then help
   converting bisect_auto_next() and then it can be called by other important
   functions like bisect_start().

 * Following that I will convert bisect_auto_start()

 * Then bisect_replay().

============ My Patches (GSoC project only) ==========

 * My current work is sent out to the mailing list here[2] which contains
   the whole conversion. The latter 2 patches still need a lot of

[1]: https://github.com/pranitbauva1997/git
[2]: http://www.spinics.net/lists/git/msg282332.html

Pranit Bauva
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