From: "Junio C Hamano" <>

* po/range-doc (2016-07-20) 8 commits
- doc: revisions - clarify reachability examples
- doc: revisions - define `reachable`
- doc: gitrevisions - clarify 'latter case' is revision walk
- doc: gitrevisions - use 'reachable' in page description
- doc: give headings for the two and three dot notations
- doc: show the actual left, right, and boundary marks
- doc: revisions - name the left and right sides
- doc: use 'symmetric difference' consistently

Clarify various ways to specify the "revision ranges" in the

Updates in 4/8 ("give headings") is reported to break formatting?
cf. <>

Just to say I haven't forgotten.

The format breakage was analysed by Jeff (12 July 2016 23:12) and looks to be internal to the man viewer.

There's still a suggestion surrounding one of the headings to sort (which has gone around in circles;-).

Also I now think I have a sensible idea for the <rev>^@/! examples (i.e. use the Loeliger illustration) - that'd make if 9 in the series (was originally 2).

Plus ensure all comments across V1-4 have been attended to (including yours of 12 July 2016 18:04).

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