On 08/05/2016 01:01 PM, Junio C Hamano wrote:
Jeff Hostetler <g...@jeffhostetler.com> writes:

+ * Print branch information for porcelain v2 output.  These lines
+ * are printed when the '--branch' parameter is given.
+ *
+ *    # branch.oid <commit><eol>
+ *    # branch.head <head><eol>

Just bikeshedding, but ...

+       if (!s->branch)
+               fprintf(s->fp, "# branch.head %s%c", "(unknown)", eol);
+       else {
+               if (!strcmp(s->branch, "HEAD")) {
+                       fprintf(s->fp, "# branch.head %s%c", "(detached)", eol);
+                       if (state.rebase_in_progress || 
+                               branch_name = state.onto;
+                       else if (state.detached_from)
+                               branch_name = state.detached_from;
+                       else
+                               branch_name = "";
+               } else {
+                       branch_name = NULL;
+                       skip_prefix(s->branch, "refs/heads/", &branch_name);
+                       fprintf(s->fp, "# branch.head %s%c", branch_name, eol);

... given that we are showing branch name, perhaps "branch.name"
instead of "branch.head" is more appropriate?

Either way is fine with me.  I just saw your comments on
commit v4-7/8. And leaving it as is is fine.

I wondered if "# " prefix before these lines is useful, by the way,
and initially thought that the fact that these lines begin with
"branch." and not with the "1/2/u $key" sufficient clue for whoever
reads them, but the reader can tell which kind of record it is by
reading the first two characters of each line (i.e. if "# " that is
not the usual "change info for a single file"), so it is actually a
good idea.

Yes, I used the "#" prefix to indicate a header line so that
parsers can always look at the first character and decide.

I set it up so the "--branch" argument creates "# branch.*" headers.

In my first patch series, I included worktree state information
(such as in-a-rebase and the rebase step counts), but it was thought
that that should be an independent effort. So, using this model,
if we later do add a "--state" argument, it would create "# state.*"
headers.  And we would not have to change the --porcelain=v2 version

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