Stefan Beller <> writes:

> Allow the user to pass in multiple references to update_clone.
> Currently this is only internal API, but once the shell script is
> replaced by a C version, this is needed.
> This fixes an API bug between the shell script and the helper.
> Currently the helper accepts "--reference" "--reference=foo"
> as a OPT_STRING whose value happens to be "--reference=foo", and
> then uses
>         if (suc->reference)
>                 argv_array_push(&child->args, suc->reference)
> where suc->reference _is_ "--reference=foo" when invoking the
> underlying "git clone", it cancels out.
> with this change we omit one of the "--reference" arguments when passing

s/with this change/With this change/;

After the "We won't look at what is queued on 'pu'", I am debating
myself if I should amend this locally.
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