I've got a directory tree that holds config data for all my servers. This consists of one directory per server (which is updated periodically from what is currently configured on that server), plus higher level summary reports and similar information.

today I have just a single git tree covering everything, and I make a commit each time one of the per-server directories is updated, and again when the top-level stuff is created. This works, but it's not really that good at letting me go back and see what happened when on a particular server because of all the other activity going on in git log.

Also, currently all updates to this repository is serialized, but going forward I'm going to be adding some update processes that could result in different per-server directories being updated at the same time (and so, one may be fully populated with new data, while another has just had all the old data deleted prior to the new data being written). I'm concerned about possible issues with having these independant and overlapping update processes all working in a single git tree

I do want to have everythng share one storage repository, because much of the config on the servers is very standard, so I gain quite a bit by letting them delta off each other.

Is what I'm currently doing the best way to do this? or should I do something like having a submodule per server, or is there some other, better way of doing this.? Are there any tools that I should be using instead of continuing to use the scripts that I threw together several years ago?

David Lang
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