On Fri, Aug 05, 2016 at 04:19:08PM +0200, Johannes Schindelin wrote:

> > The fix is meant for jk/push-force-with-lease-creation topic, but I
> > had to find it out by the old fashioned way, i.e. running blame for
> > these lines in 'pu' to find eee98e74f9 is the culprit and then
> > running "git branch --with eee98e74f9".  The only thing the line
> > made easier is I _could_ start the blame at the named commit (which
> > is on 'next') instead of 'pu'.  When I took that "base-commit"
> > series, I was hoping that it would give us a lot more useful
> > information.
> Sorry for that. The way my mail-patch-series.sh script works is that it
> tries to determine which branch between `master`, `next` or `pu` is the
> base (and it then submits *all* commits that are on top of that branch).
> So my branch was indeed based on `next` for that reason, not on
> top of `jk/push-force-with-lease-creation`. Otherwise, I would have
> resubmitted John's patches because the script would have determined that
> my patch is on top of `master`, not on top of `next`.

Do you fetch from the main git.git repository, or Junio's gitster/git
workspace on GitHub?

I usually fetch the latter, and then you have all the information you
need. So to work on somebody else's existing topic, you can do[1]:

  git checkout jk/push-force-with-lease-creation

which will check out the branch, tracking Junio's version of the topic
as your "upstream". Then things like "git rebase -i" just work, and you
can extract the patches as @{u}..HEAD.

It does get weird when he picks up your patch but you want to do further
work, because you would probably not want to "rebase -i" on top of it
(your version of the patch would become obsolete!).


[1] I'm assuming you know the topic name. If not, then I usually find
    the commit through the usual archaeology, and then run "git branch
    a --contains" on it (or "for-each-ref" works for that these days,
    and you can restrict it to a pattern matching topic branches).
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