On 2016-08-08 17.05, Johannes Schindelin wrote:
> Hi Torsten,
> I remember that you did a ton of work on t0027. Now I see problems, and
> not only that the entire script now takes a whopping 4 minutes 20 seconds
> to run on my high-end Windows machine.
> It appears that t0027 fails randomly for me, in seemingly random places.
> Sometimes all 1388 cases pass. Sometimes "29 - commit NNO files crlf=true
> attr=auto LF" fails. Sometimes it is "24 - commit NNO files crlf=false
> attr=auto LF". Sometimes it is "114 - commit NNO files crlf=false
> attr=auto LF", and sometimes "111 - commit NNO files attr=auto aeol=lf
> crlf=false CRLF_mix_LF".
> When I run it with -i -v -x --tee, it passes every single time (taking
> over 5 minutes, just to make things worse)...
> Any idea about any possible races?
Just to double-check: I assume that you have this
commit ded2444ad8ab8128cae2b91b8efa57ea2dd8c7a5
Author: Torsten Bögershausen <tbo...@web.de>
Date:   Mon Apr 25 18:56:27 2016 +0200

    t0027: make commit_chk_wrnNNO() reliable
in your tree ?

Is there a special pattern ?
Did you
a) Update the machine ?
b) Update Git code base ?
or both ?
(Yes, I know that this may be stupid questions)

Is it only the NNO tests that fail ?
Did they ever pass ?
(I think I run them some time ago on a Virtual machine running Windows 7)

I see only "commit NNO files...." in you report, they belong to
check_warning(), which is called around line 126 in t0027.

check_warning() does a grep on a file which has been re-directed from stderr.

How reproducible is the problem ?
If you add
exit 0
After the last "commit_chk_wrnNNO" line (line 418),
ls -l crlf*.err
give you any hint ?

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