Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> If the input comes from the end user, we certainly would want to
> allow "word1 word2\tword3 " as input (i.e. squishing repeated

Any intelligent reader may have guessed already, but before I
stupidly told Emacs to refill the paragraph, the above example had
two SPs between word1 and word2.  Sorry for being sloppy.

> delimiters into one without introducing an "empty" element, allowing
> more than one delimiter characters like SP and HT, and ignoring
> leading or trailing runs of delimiter characters).
> If the input is generated internally, perhaps we should rethink the
> interface between the function that wants to do the for-each-word
> and its caller; if the caller wants to pass multiple things to the
> callee, it should be able to do so without first having to stuff
> these multiple things into a single string, only to force the callee
> to use this helper to split them out into individual pieces.
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