Johannes Sixt <> writes:

>   * like function declarations.  I.e., the expansion of
>   *
>   *    define_commit_slab(indegree, int);
>   *
> - * ends in 'static int stat_indegreerealloc;'.  This would otherwise
> + * ends in 'struct indegree;'.  This would otherwise
>   * be a syntax error according (at least) to ISO C.  It's hard to
>   * catch because GCC silently parses it by default.
>   */

I briefly wondered what "otherwise" and "it" in "silently parses it"
refer to; it is having a hanging semicolon after the definition of
the *_peek() function, i.e.

        static int *indegree_peek(...)
                return indegree_at_peek(s, c, 0);

so all is fine.

Needless to say, using "struct slabname;" is indeed a much nicer
solution you found to the original issue.  Thanks.
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