Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> Stefan Beller <sbel...@google.com> writes:
>> "you did ask me to use alternates once and for all when setting up the
>> superproject: now for this added submodule I don't find the alternate;
>> That is strange?"
> Absolutely.  I do not think you should expect a user to remember if
> s/he used alternates when getting a copy of the superproject long
> time ago.  Giving "info: using from ..." is good; giving "warning:
> not using from ..." is probably irritating, I would think.
> Stepping back a bit, when the user says --reference-if-able, does it
> warrant any warning either way?  I.e. "we made it borrow from there,
> so be careful not to trash that one" may be just as warning-worthy
> (if not even more) as "you said we can borrow from there if there is
> anything to borrow, but it turns out there isn't any, so the result
> is complete stand-alone."  It feels as if we can go without any
> warning at least from "git clone --reference-if-able", unless "-v"
> option is given.
> I have a very strong opinion what should happen when the end-user

Too many proof-reading and rephrasing.  "I DON'T have a very strong
opinion" is what I wanted to say.  Sorry for the lack of last-time

> facing command is "git submodule", but if I have to choose, I would
> prefer to see "git submodule update" tell what it did with "info:"
> either case, i.e. "info: borrowing from ... because the superproject
> borrows from there", and "info: not borrowing from ... even though
> the superproject borrows from there".
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