Christian Couder <> writes:

>> Isn't the mention on NO_THE_INDEX_COMPATIBILITY_MACROS in the added
>> comments (there are two) pure red-herring?
> Yeah, true.
> So do you want me to refactor the code to use
> hold_lock_file_for_update() instead of hold_locked_index() and to
> avoid the set_index_file() hack?

I somehow thought that we already agreed to accept the technical
debt, taking your "it is too much work" assessment at the face
value.  If you now think it is feasible within the scope of the
series, of course we'd prefer it done "right" ;-)

> Or would the set_index_file() hack be ok with a commit message like
> the following:
> ---
> Introduce set_index_file() to be able to temporarily change the
> index file.
> Yeah, this is a short cut and this new function should not be used
> by other code.
> It adds a small technical debt, that could perhaps be avoided with a
> refactoring and by using hold_lock_file_for_update() instead of
> hold_locked_index() to pass the filename where the index should be
> written.

Is the problematic hold_locked_index() something you do yourself, or
buried deep inside the callchain of a helper function you use?  I am
sensing that it is the latter (otherwise you wouldn't be doing the
hack or at least will trivially fixing it up in a later "now we did
a faithful conversion from the previous code using GIT_INDEX_FILE
enviornment variable in an earlier step. Let's clean it up by being
in full control of what file we read from and write to" step in the

Do you also have an issue on the reading side (i.e. you write it out
to temporary file and then later re-read the in-core cache from that
temporary file, for example)?  Or is a single "write to a temporary
index" the only thing you need to work around?  

The "Yeah, this is a short cut ..." admission of guilt is much much
less interesting than showing later people a way forward when they
help us by cleaning up the mess we decided to leave behind for
expediency.  I am not seeing that "here are the callchains that need
to be proper refactored, if we want to avoid this hack" yet; but
that is what would help them.


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