On Wed, Aug 10, 2016 at 2:58 PM, Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> wrote:
> Jacob Keller <jacob.e.kel...@intel.com> writes:
>> As suggested by Junio, I implemented --line-prefix to enable the graph
>> display correctly. This works by a neat trick of adding to the msgbuf,
>> so no code needs to be altered. I presumed that the line prefix should
>> go *after* the graphs own prefix.
> I do not understand the last sentence.
> The motivation I suggested the --line-prefix for is for a scenario
> in which "git log -p --graph" that recurses into a submodule causes
> "git diff A B" between the two commits in a submodule to run; the
> internal diff machinery driven by "log -p --graph" for the
> superproject knows what the graph lines that depict the lineages of
> history in the superproject should look like, but the "git diff A B"
> in the submodule of course does not, so while showing e.g. "| | |"
> (three lineages) for the history in the superproject, you would run
> "git diff --line-prefix='| | | ' A B" and by showing them before
> anything that "git diff A B" without the new option would have
> produced, you could mimick and match the graph output in the
> superproject.
> In that scenario, the line prefix _is_ the graph's prefix in the
> superproject.
> You might be envisioning a future enhancement where the recursive
> one uses not "-Submodule commit A"/"-Submodule commit B", and not
> "diff A B", but "log -p A...B" in the submodule, and in such a case,
> it might make sense to run "log -p --graph A...B" instead when the
> command the end user run in the superproject asked for "--graph".
> You would use the same "--line-prefix='| | | '" when running the
> "log -p --graph A...B" command in the submodule, so that the output
> for the submodule will go _after_ the graph of the superproject, but
> in that case, the output for the submodule would also include its
> own graph to show the relationship between A and B.  The line-prefix
> must come before that graph part (and also if it is "git log" run in
> the submodule, the same line-prefix must come before each line of
> the log message output).
> With that understanding/assumption, "line prefix should go after the
> graph's own prefix" sounds like a wrong choice to me.  Shouldn't the
> prefix go before everything else?

I don't think it matters, but if it did, I assumed that a users use of
"line-prefix" goes "closest to the edge with the diff content" and
then any additional prefix from log --graph would go to the left of

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