Torsten Bögershausen <> writes:

> Good ideas, I will work on a series that fixes bugs first, and then we
> can see if there is room for optimization.
> What do you think about this as a starting point, more things will
> follow.
> I like to here comments about the commit msg first ;-)

Throughout t0027 there is no mention on what NNO stands for.  Are
they about operations that result in un-normalized index entries?

> commit 3754404d3d1ea4a0cbbed4986cc4ac1b5fe6b66e
> Author: Torsten Bögershausen <>
> Date:   Thu Aug 11 18:47:29 2016 +0200
>     t0027: Correct raciness in NNO test
>     When a non-reversible CRLF conversion is done in "git add",
>     a warning is printed on stderr.
>     The commit_chk_wrnNNO() function  in t0027 was written to test this,
>     but did the wrong thing: Instead of looking at the warning
>     from "git add", it looked at the warning from "git commit".
>     Correct this and replace the commit for each and every file with a commit
>     of all files in one go.
>     The function commit_chk_wrnNNO() will to be renamed in a separate commit.
>     Thanks to Jeff King <> for analizing t0027.
>     Reporyed-By: Johannes Schindelin <>


An obligatory "comments-about-the-commit-msg";-)
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