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Jeff Hostetler <g...@jeffhostetler.com> writes:

From: Jeff Hostetler <jeffh...@microsoft.com>
+. ./test-lib.sh

It seems that test-lib.sh these days has EMPTY_BLOB defined for your
use.  You can remove this and replace its use (just two lines) with
$EMPTY_BLOB down in the "add -N" test.

That's a recent addition to test-lib.sh. I'll rebase my series
onto a more recent master to get that.

+test_expect_success setup '
+       test_tick &&
+       git config --local core.autocrlf false &&

I'd suggest removing "--local".

Existing use of "git config" in the test suite, unless their use is
about testing "git config" itself to validate the operation of the
--local/--global/--system options, do not seem to explicitly say
"--local", which is the default anyway.

ok. just being cautious, but if that's the convention, that's fine.

+test_expect_success 'after first commit, make dirt, confirm unstaged changes' '

Did you mean s/dirt/dirty/?  "make and confirm unstaged changes"
would be sufficient.  Because "confirming" is implicit (as these
are all tests), "after the first commit, modify working tree files"
might even be better, perhaps?

+       echo x >>file_x &&
+       OID_X1=$(git hash-object -t blob -- file_x) &&
+       rm file_z &&
+       H0=$(git rev-parse HEAD) &&
+ ...

got it.

+test_expect_success 'after first commit, stage dirt, confirm staged changes' '

What you "git add" is meant to be good changes, so they are no
longer dirt ;-)  More importantly, because I never heard of "dirt"
used in Git context, it is unclear if it is an untracked file, a
modification that is not meant to be committed immediately, or what.

"after the first commit, fully add changes to the index"?

reworded and simplified.

+       git add file_x &&
+       git rm file_z &&
+       H0=$(git rev-parse HEAD) &&
+       cat >expect <<-EOF &&
+       # branch.oid $H0
+       # branch.head master
+       1 M. N... 100644 100644 100644 $OID_X $OID_X1 file_x
+       1 D. N... 100644 000000 000000 $OID_Z $_z40 file_z
+       ? actual
+       ? expect
+       EOF

+test_expect_success 'after first commit, also stage rename, confirm 2 path 
line format' '
+       git mv file_y renamed_y &&
+       H0=$(git rev-parse HEAD) &&
+       q_to_tab >expect <<-EOF &&
+       # branch.oid $H0
+       # branch.head master
+       1 M. N... 100644 100644 100644 $OID_X $OID_X1 file_x
+       1 D. N... 100644 000000 000000 $OID_Z $_z40 file_z
+       2 R. N... 100644 100644 100644 $OID_Y $OID_Y R100 renamed_yQfile_y
+       ? actual
+       ? expect
+       EOF
+       git status --porcelain=v2 --branch --untracked-files=all >actual &&
+       test_cmp expect actual

Do we want to test -z format on this, too?


I'll send these up in a v7 series in a few minutes.


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