Jeff Hostetler <> writes:

> From: Jeff Hostetler <>
> This patch series adds porcelain V2 format to status.
> This provides detailed information about file changes
> and about the current branch.
> The new output is accessed via:
>     git status --porcelain=v2 [--branch]
> This v7 patch series address the most recent feedback
> on the unit tests.
> This series has been rebased onto a more current master
> branch (to get the EMPTY_BLOB changes in the test suite).

Thanks for a note.  I've been queuing the series on top of f8f7adc,
so I am assuming I won't see any changes in 1-8.

Unfortunately I cannot be taking new rerolls or new topics for the
rest of the day as I need to start today's integration cycle and
I'll have to delay taking a look at this round, but from a quick
glance you still seem to have a lot of dirt in the new test and I
cannot quite tell if they are intended.

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