From: "Eric Wong" <>
Sent: Thursday, August 11, 2016 8:56 AM
Philip Oakley <> wrote:
Is there an accessible mapping from the old gmane message numbers to one of
the remaining email list servers for the git list?

Yes, I just posted about this after posting an initial mapping
a few weeks ago:

Using "gmane:$NUM" in the search bar should work, now.
(there's a few missing messages which might've been due to
off-by-one errors, will fill them in soon)

I've seen discussions about the public-inbox, but no mention of any mapping
for old message references.

I had a gzipped text file published originally if you look
upthread there.


The raw download works. My home ISP is currently blocking your email for some reason, though I do see it at my work - my alias is via my professional body which duplicates the email when it relays it.

On thing I did note on the web display of the threads is that it would be good to have a leader of " . . . . . `" so that one can count the level of indent, and see the alignments via the columns of dots.

When looking at I had difficulty working out which email the last 4 were replying to.

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