From: "Marc Branchaud" <>
On 2016-08-12 03:07 AM, Philip Oakley wrote:
[2nd attempt : ISP troubles]

This has grown like topsy from a little two patch series that tried to
name the 2-dots notation [1] into this extended set of tweaks.

Honestly, I start just trying point out something concrete, like misrendered headers, but then I figure since I'm sending a review comment anyway I might as well go in-depth on the rest of the patch.

I think I'm sticking to substantive comments, but if I'm getting too picky please just swat me down!

No, that's fine. It's important to at least review these points.

I thought I'd picked up all the issues, but it looks like I missed at least one.

The caret thing has a bit of history - see 87c6aeb4efdd43559

It looks like its the two carets on a line mean superscript (Unconstrained quotes) and that maybe the issue.

Then it looks like {caret} does a replacement, though I can't find that in the asciidoc user guide.

I don't quite understand why the ^ symbols work for the Loliger examples, but hey ho, it's good they do...

I'll work on the tweaks, though it'll probably be tomorrow as we have visitors.

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