On 08/12/2016 08:07 PM, Jon Forrest wrote:
> On 8/12/16 6:11 AM, Sitaram Chamarty wrote:
>> At present gitolite is -- AFAIK -- the only "pure server side", "no GUI"
>> solution for access control, and has some interesting features that more
>> "GUI" solutions may not.  It is also (again, AFAIK) used by kernel.org,
>> Fedora, Gentoo, and several other open source projects as well as many
>> enterprises.
>> If you're ok with adding that, I'd be happy to supply some text for your
>> consideration.
> I appreciate your offer and I don't disagree with what you're
> suggesting, but my goal, for now at least, is to keep the same coverage as 
> upstream.
> If they add something about Gitolite to their next edition, then
> I will also.

Oh ok; I must have misunderstood what "2nd edition" means, or did not read your
original email carefully enough.

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