John Keeping <> writes:

> At the moment difftool's "trust exit code" logic always suppresses the
> exit status of the diff utility we invoke.  This is useful because we
> don't want to exit just because diff returned "1" because the files
> differ, but it's confusing if the shell returns an error because the
> selected diff utility is not found.
> POSIX specifies 127 as the exit status for "command not found" and 126
> for "command found but is not executable" [1] and at least bash and dash
> follow this specification, while diff utilities generally use "1" for
> the exit status we want to ignore.
> Handle 126 and 127 as special values, assuming that they always mean
> that the command could not be executed.

Sounds like a reasonable thing to do.  Will queue; thanks.
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