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On Sun, Oct 14, 2012 at 01:29:13PM +0800, 乙酸鋰 wrote:

> Sorry, it does not serve the request. It returns http 401.
> But if I add the username and password as a part of the URL, it succeeds.

In that case, then you probably need to upgrade your client version of
git, as I mentioned here:

> >> Or is it that the server tells git that it needs authorization, but git
> >> does not prompt, and instead just fails with "Authentication failed". In
> >> that case, the issue is that you need a newer git client. Traditionally
> >> the client expected to handle authentication during the initial
> >> "info/refs" request. I added support for handling authentication during
> >> later requests in commit b81401c, which is in git v1.7.11.7 and
> >> v1.7.12.1.

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