Johannes Schindelin <> writes:

> -     test=$(echo "$cmd" | sed -e 's|[/ ][/ ]*|_|g')
> +     test=$(echo "$cmd" | sed -e 's|[/ ][/ ]*|_|g' -e 'y/>/_/')

The existing sed scriptlet says "we cannot have slash and do not
want to have space in filename, so we squash runs of them to a
single underscore".  If you have more characters that you do not
want, you should add that to the existing set instead.

While you are at it, it may be sensible to add a colon to that set,
too, no?

Something like this, perhaps?

> -     test=$(echo "$cmd" | sed -e 's|[/ ][/ ]*|_|g')
> +     test=$(echo "$cmd" | sed -e 's|[/ <:>][/ <:>]*|_|g')
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