"Philip Oakley" <philipoak...@iee.org> writes:

>> I think the
>> use of "commit" in an angle-bracket-pair in the label for the
>> section, i.e. "--fixup=<commit>", has been considered to be clear
>> enough to tell that you can use usual extended SHA-1 syntax to
>> specify the commit you want to talk about,
> I certainly hadn't picked up on that ability to use the extended sha1
> syntax (specifying revisions...) here.

By "has been considered", I meant that the documentation text is
still open for improvement.  I just didn't find rewording "commit"
with "commit revision" is that improvement we need there.

Perhaps we need to have somewhere central a section that explains
various notations used in the documentation set.  I think it is safe
to say something like "unless otherwise qualified, <commit> (or any
object type in an angle-bracket-pair) is used as a placeholder to
take any acceptable way to spell object names (cf. gitrevisions for
details)" these days [*1*].


*1* In ancient days I think some plumbing commands only took 40-hex
object names, but as far as I know they've all been updated.
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