Philip Oakley <> wrote:
> From: "Christian Couder" <>
> >You can also reply to this email.
> I see you mention in passing (weel in the small headings near the bottom)
> that gmane web interface has gone away. It may be worth noting a few of the
> alternatives, and in particular Eric's newly updated public-inbox

Thanks, I will also add that existing gmane links can be looked up
in instance I maintain via:

It might be worth it to convert numeric links to Message-IDs in older
editions, as I also published a mapping at:

> I've found it very useful and probably easier to use. (now I've seen

Based on closer reading of RFC3986, section 3.3, I deployed a
change to URL generation last night so the "%40" escape for '@'
no longer shows up in generated URLs (along with a few other

It might be worth updating this edition to avoid the percent
escaping since it might confuse users about what the Message-IDs
are (and to avoid users passing "%40" into their MUA)

Old URLs will always continue working, of course.
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